Several weeks ago Colin Kopp and I visited Kristy Hanson at Yess Yoga in South Minneapolis to talk with her about her yoga practice, being a teacher, and a dream she had about touring the country by bicycle collecting stories of yoga in America to put into a book. 

I love Kristy's yoga philosophy, "Keep it simple, and keep it creative," but also the ebullience with which she lives life. In her classes she focuses on mobility, ease of movement, and alignement;. I'm especially drawn to her dedication to playing while practicing yoga; if we can play and discover joyfulness and new ways of moving while on the mat, like mobility and alignment, those lessons move with us beyond practice and into the everyday world.  

A week ago Kristy launched her Kickstarter campaign "Raconteur Yogi" and after surpassing her fundraiser goal of $2,000, she will embark on the tour she was dreaming of, to the western United States and back, in search of yoga across America. 

To support and follow Kristy on her journey find her on Instagram.

AuthorCalvin Stalvig