In 2013 I moved to Berlin for three months with the singular plan that I would "learn something new." Somehow I found my way to Electronic + Textile Institute Berlin and instantly knew I would dedicate my time to learning how to knit on a machine. I have never learned so many skills in such short amount of time. Aside from knitting on a machine, I learned about fibers, machine hacking, bulk sourcing of materials (aka soliciting spinning mills for free yarn), how to film and edit a video, create a successful Kickstarter campaign, and tons about resourcefulness (being flei├čig) in another country while using a different language.

This was also the summer that I discovered Queen, and while my Icelandair flight was making its way to land during sunset over the Minnesota forest of autumn, I was feeling full of accomplishment and appropriately listening to "We Are the Champions."

AuthorCalvin Stalvig