Calvin Stalvig (he, him, his) is a cultural anthropologist, teacher and artist. He lives in Red Hook, Brooklyn, has a plant collection, makes food that nourishes and fortifies hearts, and pinches dollars with his Minnesota huni in order to spend them on morning coffee and public baths in foreign lands where people have stories that are similar but different than theirs. <3 Calvin comes from Northern Wisconsin.

maybe you and he can talk:

  • the affects of systemic poverty on children and their caretakers

  • developmental shamelessness as a response to cultural control

  • considering the invisible boundaries of social taboos

  • plant whispering

  • 'white' heternormative masculine infatuation with the gay black body based on first-hand experience in public spaces

  • textiles with a focus on spinning and knitting

  • laundry care

  • emotional labor and 'women's work'

  • purity, cleanliness, purification, germ theory

  • books

  • white man, black man's body

  • black man, white man's privilege

  • favorite airlines and airplanes and flying

  • sex

  • love

  • gardening, foraging, food preservation

  • björk's newest work

  • german boyfriends, french boyfriends, scottish boyfriends, american boyfriends

  • the darkness

  • the light

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